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We're data experts driven to design
& build smart solutions

Making an impact drives us to be the best we can, guiding our clients through complex data challenges

Vizify began with a friendship forged at the beginning of last decade, and has grown into a team of data experts who all consider one another as friends. We're building an exciting place to work where we can continue to offer value and innovation to our clients whilst creating engaging, interesting roles for analytics experts.

We share a promise to our clients which are supported by a series of company values which consider employees, suppliers and partners alike.

Our promise

Our Promise

Our promise is based around three key principles which intend to offer all our clients, colleagues, partners and suppleirs the same experience. We all share the sentiment behine our promise as it forms the baseline for high quality work being delivered within our industry.


The biggest compliment for us is being a long term trusted advisor - that's why most of our clients stay engaged beyond their first project with us


We build solutions that work and stand the test of time. We take pride on delivering projects that deliver insight day in, day out, for years


Working in small, highly skilled teams allow us to take innovative approaches to provide rapid value without compromising quality or depth of analytical rigour

Our beginning

Our beginning

Max and Tim became colleagues, and immediately friends, over a decade ago. Working in the data and analytics consulting field, they led a team of high performing Consultants for a successful private equity backed organisation. 


Early in their careers, their complimentary set of skills enabled them to deliver, advise and guide their team through a wide variety of successful projects. Max's experience in data warehousing and engineering helped to serve clean, high quality data to Tim who specialises in business analytics and visualisation. As technology advanced and became more accessible, their capabilities expanded and ultimately allowed them both to design and build solutions that met and often exceeded their client needs

As their previous employer made the decision to transition to a Software as a Service (SaaS) business, Tim and Max took the opportunity to continue the work they love doing, with the people who they trust, and they clients they enjoy working with. This is where Vizify Analytics was founded.

Our Brad

Our Brand


Our name was designed to evoke the visual nature in which humans interact with data, alongside the pace at which we can deliver value.

The entire Vizify family worked with an extremely talented graphic designer, Jack Chitty, to build a brand we believed in and were proud to call our own. Our engagement with our graphic design expert was how we prefer to work with our clients: transparent, honest and open. 

Through multiple discussions, it became apparent that we wanted something that embodied a central point that could be view from different angles and perspectives - an ambigram was a perfect fit.


A logo was designed that epitomised our view of the data world, where a top down view and a bottom up view would ultimately give the same answer.  Our logo now supports different perspectives, opinions and viewpoints whilst sharing the same core, much like the whole Vizify team.

Our final decision was colour - we went for a primary colour palette that evokes: Trust, Security, Order, Calm, Reliability, Energy, Balance, Warmth, Creativity and Enthusiasm.


Got a data challenge that you can not solve?

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